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How much to spend on accommodation

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    Pretty much what it says in the title, I'm off to university come october (dependant on results of course) and the applications for accommodation open soon.

    I'm getting £71250 in loans/grants and my dad said he'd help me out a bit but I've no idea how much and feel bad asking him, apparently it's the same amount as whatever he's payed in child support to my mother every month. I've decided to try and budget without this as you always seem to end up with less money than you thought.

    Accommodation prices range from just over £3.5k to just under £5.5k (self catered). I'm not going to be spending the top amount of course.

    Anyway, I know there are far too many variables for you to give me a simple figure, but can anyone give me a rough guide on how much I can live on at uni?
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    Students can "survive" on £10 a week, or even less. Above that, it's up to the lifestyle you choose, the city you're studying in, the distance your accommodation is from your uni (for travel costs) etc.

    There are literally dozens of threads on here re: how much students spend, so the best advice I could give is for you to read plenty and compare what everyone says to the type of lifestyle you think you'll lead.
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    In my experience, the cheapest accommodation is invariably absolutely fine, and you'll get more enjoyment out of spending the extra money on other things, such as extra curriculars, than you would from having slightly nicer fixtures and fittings.

    As for how much Child Support is, I believe it is calculated on how much he was earning when the arrangement was made, and the idea of 'keeping the child / ex- in the manner to which they have become accustomed'. You will most likely be looking at somewhere substantially over £1k a year - and I'm aware of CS payments of £400 a month or so (going back 15 years or so), for people on above average but not extravagant incomes.

    You do need to know to budget though - perhaps it would be worth sitting down with your dad and going through what your income and outgoings will be, and setting out a budget?
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    Planning on doing that next time I see him.

    I was never going to spend the top amounts on accommodation, the main thing for me is en suite or a basin.

    Just working on loans/grants and only factoring accommodation, I'm left with £50 a week, so I wont starve :eating:


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Updated: June 7, 2012
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