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What are you going to do in the summer?

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    People are revising over summer?? Lol, really?

    As for me, I'll be getting a summer job and take things easy before going to uni
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    (Original post by Safiya122)
    Going to be relaxing and then when there is about two days before GCSE results day, panicking
    Sleepless nights... The days before
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    Working and going Malia with the lads
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    (Original post by shadab786ahmed)
    Sleepless nights... The days before
    Yeah I know what you mean I remember a day before I was going to school, the next day for my year 10 results, I was literally stressing and panicking and my younger sister was like 'you'll be fine', ha when it comes to her results I'll say that too
    Anyways, I was too scared to open the envelope for my year 10 results, had to have my sister do it for me. Did quite well, failed miserably as Maths but hey, now I've passed my GCSe maths I swear, I'm going to be panicking exactly the way I was before my year 10 results, and my hands will probably be shaking before I open it but I swear, I'll feel a huge relief if I've got the grades I wanted, that feeling is good
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    (Original post by UWS)
    People are revising over summer?? Lol, really?

    As for me, I'll be getting a summer job and take things easy before going to uni
    I plan on revising a little in the summer but only like a couple of weeks or so before summer is coming to an end. It's good to pre-learn everything so you're kind of ahead of the class on the topic wise, plus when it comes to the lessons, it'll be more of a revision session for you whilst for others it'll be more learning new things ah I know it sounds geeky but oh well.

    Why all the negs?
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    (Original post by metalupyerass)
    Cant afford it :/
    Plus i'm only in uni 2-3 days a week so there isn't much point in paying for halls AS WELL as travelling costs = too much! D:

    But then again, my uni's are at liek the other other side of the country, so i may need to replan something, unless i get into uni locally

    I'm not following you here.

    If you stayed in the halls why would you be paying halls and travelling costs?

    And get a student loan?
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    (Original post by Giant)
    I would recommend spending it productively; I'm kind of the similar to you in the sense that I don't really see the point/fun of partying, getting drunk and playing video games all day (call me boring .)

    I am probably going to be spending a lot of time at home, so I want to make sure I stay fit and healthy by exercising. I would also suggest trying to discover a new hobby, or working on a passion of yours, i.e. something you enjoy. Spending too much time working can become really boring and tedious, and you may regret it next Autumn.

    Personally, I just recently discovered Esperanto, an auxiliary language designed to be learnt quickly and easily, so will hopefully be working on that as it is something that interests me and I want to develop a new skill.

    PS A job and/or voluntary work is always a good idea if you can't find anything else to do.
    Hey, you sound similar to me, and I'm also learning Esperanto! Saluton, Giant
    I also plan on working on my drawing skills and watching and reading things I haven't yet watched or read. My summer might be boring but I don't really know what else to do.
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    Just got back from London yesterday, was amazing :love:
    Off to Tenerife in July and Barcelona in August, and my brother is getting married in September
    In between will be lots of working and spending time with friends/family/boyfriend and gym
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    Oh haha I've been making a list of ideas of things to do that pop into my head during revision to keep my motivated!

    Catch up on all Adventure Time episodes, play Minecraft, upload more stuff to Deviantart, paint a canvas, go to Thorpe Park, get clothes for 6th form and panic before results day! Luckily my birthday is during Summer so I'll have that to look forward too as well.

    Also I have some work experience and charity work lined up.
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    (Original post by `God)

    As for me, the subjects that I chose for A-levels are: Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Economics. I've already finished C1 and hoping to finish C2/C3 by the end of summer (I know most of you will be like what the f*ck you won't have the motivation to do that) but I will and have. For those that say "sleep, bang out PS3/Xbox, sleep some more, go partying" I just can't stand that, it's like just rotting away over summer and once you start A-levels it will be such a big change from doing nothing to - arguably - the most intensive period of your education.

    Any ways, enough from me.
    I rate ya there mate, it exactly what I am gonna do. for my A levels am doing psychology, English lit, ict and history. Some may think people like us are idiots but hard work always pays off, and regarding a levels, it will pay off in more than one ways!!
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    Same thing as normal; think of all the great things I'll do like brush up on trumpet and guitar, relearn spanish, workout and play squash, earn money and so on and so forth.

    Then I'll actually do none of that, get as few shifts as I'm contractually obliged to, see all my friends, spend way too much money, and spend every hour that hasn't been used up by this in bed or lying in the garden.
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    (Original post by Junaid96)
    Romantic holiday with your best friend?
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    Probably some volunteering, camping with my best friend, hopefully Amsterdam with the girls off my course and trying to improve my German and Italian before I go back for second year when my work actually counts.
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    (Original post by Saleemadat)
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    After my A2 exams finish I'm going to spend my time chilling out, reading, getting fit, etc. I may get a job. Maybe. I have two interviews lined up already but I don't know if I'm going to properly go for the job or not.
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    (Original post by UWS)
    People are revising over summer?? Lol, really?

    As for me, I'll be getting a summer job and take things easy before going to uni
    LOL. Im gonna party HARD F*** revision LOL.

    Im also gonna go to the Olympics, play football and chill with my mates.

    Why revise after going through all this hell LOL. I think you are doing the right thing before going uni . Just can't believe ppl want to revise.
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    Know a way of making quite a few £ an hour. It's quite fiddly but should get me about £20 an hour.
    I have made a few and £20-£30 is reasonable.
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    I'm going to buy and kindle read lots, as that's something I haven't been able to do for so long with exams. I'll also keep an eye out for any jobs going, as well as all the usual stuff i.e. going out with friends etc. I just want to relax in general, at least until results day.
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    Self-teach myself German. Prepare myself for college by revising/learning French, looking over C1 for Maths, S1 for Further Maths and maybe look over some of the work in History (I think we do Russia from about the 1860s-1950s). Sleep, since I like sleep (a bit too much). I wouldn't even dream of going on my (very, very dusty) Xbox or going to parties...'cringe'. Buy more music (Cream, Rolling Stones, Jefferson Airplane and the rest of Pink Floyd to finish my collection).

    To be honest, it feels like summer to me already, next week I have my final exams (Maths, History and Geography) all of which I'm predicted an A* in :eek: and then two weeks on Friday, I go to Alton Towers with school (what joy) and on the 3rd July, it's the New Students' Day at the college I'm going to (Hopefully they change English Literature to Further Maths...or else, bunnies will be throw )
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    (Original post by Monzystar)
    I rate ya there mate, it exactly what I am gonna do. for my A levels am doing psychology, English lit, ict and history. Some may think people like us are idiots but hard work always pays off, and regarding a levels, it will pay off in more than one ways!!
    How about no. I dont rate u.

    Why start early? You want a gold medal?

    U can start revision when school starts


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