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Nursing and part time work :s

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    I have already posted something on this topic but my question is still unanswered.

    I am starting a nursing degree in september. i currently have a weekend job with a very unflexible employer, i was planning on working there for the summer and then leaving in september time. Im going to be living at home so i wont have many expenses apart from travel. However i will still need a monthly income so that i can get by and be social etc.
    someone advised i do the nhs professional jobs but you have to be in year 2 or be in hospital placement for 12 weeks so this option is not possible until year 2, so in the 1st year what could i do for money! i dont want to work all weekend as i need time to see my family friends and boyfriend as my degree is quite full on apparently during the week and the universitys advise you do not work unless you have a flexible employer.

    any suggestions on what i could/should do?

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    You could consider something like campus student marketing. It's just promoting stuff around your university - not hugely well paid most of the time but it can help you earn some cash for going out, etc.


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Updated: June 7, 2012
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