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Student finance - MEng

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    I have just completed my third out of four years at University. I am currently enrolled for a MEng in Computer Software Development.

    (Some clarification about the MEng course, it is basically a BSc with an extra year at the end. I should be receiving student finance as normal, as the MEng year is still considered an undergraduate year by SLC)

    I have not always been enrolled for the MEng however, when I started university I was on the BSc course as my A-levels were not sufficient to go straight onto the 4 year masters.

    My department informed me that if I received a 2:1 in my second year, I could transfer onto the MEng course. I met the requirements and I'm now about to go into the fourth year.

    However, I've been having some issues with the SLC application. (I realise I'm pretty late for applying, but only because I've been pretty busy with final year work and I have basically forgotten, my bad!) The problem is that the questions they are asking are assuming that I'm starting a new course rather than continuing the one I am already on.

    For example, here is a question:

    Have you started an undergraduate or postgraduate course of Higher Education in any country since leaving school? Tick 'Yes' even if you did not complete the course.
    The answer to this question is Yes, so we move on to these questions..

    a) Are you behind on the repayments?
    b) Did you receive a loan from the SLC when you were under 18?
    bi) And if so, Have you signed credit agreements for all of them?
    It then asks me to enter details about my previous courses.

    To me this seems like they are not asking the correct questions, as I cannot really answer these in the context that they are looking for. How can I be behind on the repayments when I haven't finished my degree?

    I will be calling SLC of course, but I just wanted to get some advice from anybody who may have gone through this before, is it just a case of getting Student Finance to change the questioning from "New course" to "Continuing course"? Or am I pretty much buggered?

    Thanks in advance, if I've left out any necessary information or anything is not clear then feel free to point it out. (As long as it's appropriate of course!)


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Updated: June 6, 2012
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