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I hate talking about 'my day' - am I 'normal'?

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    Well? Am I?

    The circumstances do not matter. I never have liked talking about my day and I'm not interested in other peoples' (partly because I do not like talking about my own).

    I had a hard time in school often. I haven't enjoyed any jobs that I have had.

    Two things that drive me ape **** are:
    1) being asked if something is 'nice' in the middle of dinner
    2) being asked about my day.

    I feel like I'm selfish for this but is it really an issue? Do people really give a ****?

    I'm just a quiet person who wants to get on and get things done then move on rather than have to recall every detail.

    I'll admit not wanting to know about other peoples' probably is a tad selfish but then I like to follow "do unto others as you would have them do to you" kind of thing...

    Probably the wrong place to post this but I guess it's kind of partially depression/anxiety related but that's just how I feel so it affects me... therefore I call it health.
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    It's an easy way to start a conversation. If you want to be a social happy person, talking about the things that interested you in your day is an essential part of getting out of your shell. If you engage more with your environment, you'd have more to say. Don't worry about being anxious. Start looking at things. Thinking about other things and working out what you can say about it that'll grab other people's interest.
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    Tell them every little detail down to every last activity.

    They will never ask again
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    (Original post by OSharp)
    Tell them every little detail down to every last activity.

    They will never ask again
    He's not joking, it really works
    foolproof plan
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    I'm the same. I usually try to reply with something completely irrelevant, avoid them slightly, smile or just do something else without being totally rude.
    Maybe just poke the next person that asks you how your day was (only joking!)
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Updated: June 6, 2012
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