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Learning spanish

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    What is the best way to self teach spanish? I have a 3 month summer break, how far do you think I could get?

    Any recommended books/resources (I am a compete beginner btw, I only have a GCSE in french)?
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    (Original post by number23)
    What is the best way to self teach spanish? I have a 3 month summer break, how far do you think I could get?

    As much "smart" effort you put in = how much will come out
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    Way is to move to spain! I lived there for 2 years and learnt by talking to the locals, making spanish friends and books. If you cant do that, i would try and find a language exchange partner, watch cartoond in spanish like spongebob etc and some really good books are the pons books and the teach yourself books. Also, a fun way is to listen to music, get lyrics and translate (will be really hard when you first start out) and there are some great sites online with spanish articles and games. One is called zambonzada or something like that, also onlyspanish and beeny yhe irish polygot for general stuff.

    Good luck, spanish is an awesome language!


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