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    Hello, I have looked everywhere for an answer to this and can't find anything definitive.

    When on the SWAP Access Course (Scottish Wider Access), if you are offered a conditional depending on, for example, ABB student profile, does this profile include your grades in your final exams? Or does it not matter what you get in your exams?

    Initially we were told the profile is based on attendance etc, but now our course tutor has told us that an ABB profile would require at least two B's from the final exams.

    Wondered if anyone was able to clear up the confusion?
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    Hi Gordzilla,

    I will also be doing an Access course under the SWAP (East) scheme but I was told I would be marked by total credits so I have to achieve at least 18 out of the 21 available credits. Are you saying you are only being assessed by grades on your course?

    May I also ask what course are you doing by the way?

    I would also like to find an answer to this as I was under the impression that your grades would be given an equivalent "credit" and that is how they assess you.

    I'd be inclined to get the college to confirm their status on this.

    Sorry I couldn't have been more help.

    Good luck with your studies.
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    Cool username. Prince fan?

    I have since found out that the Student Profile has nothing to do with your grades in your final exams, the student profile is based on feedback from your lecturers and is based on things like participation, attendance, overall knowledge, suitability for degree level study.

    Most people on my course got conditionals solely based on passing the course (complete all units) and the Student Profile, many didn't even have to bother sitting the final exam if they didn't want to.

    I did Access to Arts & Social Sciences at Dundee College, but I didn't get any offers for university due to there being no places on the course I wanted to do, so it's no guarantee that you'll get into uni with it.


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