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Guys a little help here... :(

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    Ok I've been seeing a guy for some time. He was in town for exchange and went back home (2 hours away) about a month ago. We dated while he was here, he asked to see me almost every day. He's been very affectionate, to the extent that I wondered if he was infatuated with me. After he left he's contacted me a lot. I've perhaps been a bit on the passive side, as I haven't had time to come and visit. He asked to come back home with me about a week ago, which I found a bit 'much' so earl on. Nevertheless I've responded that I "miss him too".

    Anyway, today he updated his status to "NYC". I know his brother and sister in law lives there with their baby. Quite a bit of people have 'liked' it and commented, and now a male friend have commented "love is in the air ".
    I mean what... isn't this a clear indicator that he is meeting a girl in NY?
    I'm a bit upset I also find it weird, I think you have to be serious with someone for friends to comment like that. When I talk to him again, should I be cold, mention it or what? Don't want to look like a stalker or anything.
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    I'd just subtly ask him about it.
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    Anyone else? I'm really a bit of a pessimist here. I can think of reasons why he'd go to NY (his brother and his brother's wife is expecting another baby, it might be coming now), but the comment is really strange. He appears to be an affectionate type, maybe he's fallen for someone else as easily as he fell for me.
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    I don't know if this is either such a strong indicator he's meeting someone else that I should give up on him or just ignore. Either way, if he contacts me again when I'm back from holiday, I feel like I need to set the situation straight.
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    i think u can just ask him friendly or comment " who is she" .....and see what he says....


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Updated: June 10, 2012
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