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What to do in London?

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    I'm going to London with a friend on the 23rd. I don't know whether it's best to get there for 11.00 am, or 1.30 pm for check in at 3pm. If we get there early we'll have more time to sight-see, but will me lumbered with bags, and if we don't we've less time in London! Could we get there, go to Harrods/Leicester Square or something, go and check in, and go on the London Eye or something... Or would that be too hard to do? Which attractions would you recommend?
    On the 24th we're going to Hackney big weekend so we won't do anything else but that.
    On the 25th, our bus home is at 18.45, so we've got more time to do activities. We're considering the National History/Science Museums, Oxford Street for shopping, but don't really have any other ideas.

    Also, can you just walk near Big Ben or is it just cars only... no footpath.
    Please suggest some things we could do there!?
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    You can walk near Big Ben, it's just across the bridge from Waterloo and Embankment and there's plenty to do round there.

    Check out this link for the main attractions (and some more unusual ones): http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Attract...n_England.html
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    How much are you paying for the hotel and how many nights?!

    I'm trying to get a hotel in London for when I go up for Wireless and finding it so expensive!
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    Go to the London Dungeons, that's quite fun. It you want to go on the London Eye, you'll have to be prepared to queue for ages... It's not that great, but I think everyone should go on it at least once. Yeah, you'll be able to go to Leicester square and walk down by the river 'cause they're really close. Check out Covent garden too, there's usually something going on there. You could possibly go to Hyde Park if the weather's nice and go boating or hire some Boris bikes Or you could go to Camden...

    The science/natural history museums are great!! Love them.
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    (Original post by Fishbulb25)
    Go to the London Dungeons, that's quite fun.
    I wouldn't recommend this - firstly it's a paid attraction and there's plenty to do in London for free, secondly the date the OP is going is a Saturday so it'll be packed full of tourists / kids.

    If it's the OP's first proper time looking round London the best suggestion I can give is: walk. Get a proper map or charge up your smartphone in case you get lost and plan a route past a lot of the sights. You can see so much in an afternoon's walk, and it costs absolutely nothing! (Except the tube fare)

    My suggestion would be:
    • Tube to London Bridge - use your map to find your way westwards to the South Bank of the river near the Globe Theatre
    • Walk along South Bank to Tate Modern
    • Walk halfway across Millenium Footbridge and enjoy the view both ways (you can see Tower Bridge). Optionally, you can continue walking across the bridge to get to St Paul's Cathedral
    • Return across the bridge and turn right to continue along the South Bank
    • Continue west past the London Eye and a few other things - the South Bank is generally quite lively with entertainers etc
    • Go across Westminster Bridge, which is the one right in front of the Houses of Parliament. Look at the Houses of Parliament from the outside.
    • Take the opportunity to look round Parliament Square, you can also look at Westminster Abbey
    • Go north up Whitehall past Downing Street, Horse Guards etc into Trafalgar Square
    • Go left through Admiralty Arch on to the Mall
    • Walk along the Mall to Buckingham Palace - it's quite long but you go past one or two interesting things on the way
    • Take the road (Constitution Hill) down to the right of Buckingham Palace which goes to Hyde Park Corner which has the Wellington Arch
    • If you turn left and go along the southern edge of Hyde Park you'll go through Knightsbridge and South Kensington - but you'll come back to this area for the Science or Natural History Museum anyway
    • Or, if you turn right (ish) up the eastern edge of Hyde Park (or alternatively you can walk up Park Lane) you will end up at Marble Arch which is one end of Oxford Street.
    • (Hyde Park is an excellent place to try a Boris bike, by the way)
    • Once you're at Marble Arch, if you still have any energy left, you could walk east along Oxford Street to Oxford Circus, turn right down Regent Street and get to Picadilly Circus, then turn left up Shaftesbury Ave, walk past the threatres and you'll be in the heart of the West End.

    If you want you could start the walk earlier along the river by going to Tower Hill which is where the Tower of London is situated, then walking across Tower Bridge then turning right along the river. However I don't find this bit of the river exceptionally interesting.
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    No matter when you go, it's always packed with tourists... it's london. If you go early enough it should be alright.
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    Whatever you do, you'll have an amazing time. I've lived in London for 13 years, and I still haven't seen everything! Oh, and you will get lost. Inevitably. But it's ok, because usually you find something interesting
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    go to westfeilds ?

    But also, when you arrive, you can just stay on the strand, loads of shops etc etc, and walking distance from waterloo so fairly easy to get to and from.
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    Those Thames river cruises are meant to be good as you get to see everything (Big Ben, St Paul's, Tower Bridge) in one go. If you search the Internet, I'm sure you'll find some 2 for 1 vouchers for it.

    Last time I was in London, I stayed around the South Bank area which is nice
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    most hotels let you store bags with the concierge before you can check in, so i'd go early, put your bags in the hotel, then go explore and you can check in any time in the afternoon/evening when you're done
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    (Original post by n33t)
    How much are you paying for the hotel and how many nights?!

    I'm trying to get a hotel in London for when I go up for Wireless and finding it so expensive!
    How many people you going with?

    I remember when me and my mates went, we got a hotel near Hyde Park, in a posh hotel for £20 per person, and that was for 1 night I think
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    What are you into? Personally I'm a foodie so I spent my last trip to London visiting the mostly French, ironically, food outlets like Laduree, Pierre Herme and even paid a visit to Le Cordon Bleu London and its cafe. An unexpected discovery was Cote Brasserie which served the best baguette I've ever had so far, and the butter was so delicate and sweet I could eat it on its own. I didn't manage to fit in the food markets into my trip but will be covering those later this month. If you like street foods try Brick lane market on Saturday.
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    (Original post by n33t)
    How much are you paying for the hotel and how many nights?!

    I'm trying to get a hotel in London for when I go up for Wireless and finding it so expensive!
    I think we got it for £100 for 2 nights for 2 people. But it's a Travelodge.


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