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Summer jobs in London for A-level students

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    Hi all.

    I realise there's a thread in this forum for summer jobs already, but it seems more orientated around uni students, and those with frankly higher aims :P

    I'm just looking for any old paying work in July/August/September around London (North London preferably). Wondered if anyone knew any good sites.

    I'm also interested in how people find local summer jobs in general... I've embarrassingly never had to look for a job before

    Cheers in advance,
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    Boris needs a pizza boy
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    job centre
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    I'm also in the same boat. I guess it's about who you know though, as badly as it sounds. Especially considering London's the capital of job unemployment. jobs would be as scarce as Nick Clegg in a student protest rally.
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    You'll find that it's not as hard as it sounds if you look at the right sources and have a strong CV, you can upload it to great CV review section here on TSR.

    You should have no problem working as a barrista or telesales. I love this site: http://www.thestudentjob.com/ You can search for jobs based on location and stuff.


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Updated: June 7, 2012
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