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Entry Requirements for Medical School's abroad? (Europe included except UK)

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    Hi people!

    Just thought I'd keep it short and sweet - wanted to know if anyone has access/knows the entry requirements to medical school's abroad. Keeping my options open you see as many as possible. Any help appreciated.

    P.S. Good luck for exams!
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    It is a difficult question...I mean, it depends on the country and on the reputation of the institution. I'm quite sure universities' websites show the entry requirements for its medical schools. You'd have to check each one individually, since the university application system is likely to be very different from that in the UK. Visit universities' websites and contact them if necessary, so that you can obtain reliable info.
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    University of Newcastle in malaysia have the same requirements as their counterpart in UK

    Medicine at Charles UNiversity in Prague take u even if u have CCC at A level... i have friends who attend this university as well as another in Romania
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    Thank you for the responses. Yeah I thought the question is abit vague ha - that's a good suggestion so I think the real question is "does anybody know all the medical schools abroad?" Then ;D


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Updated: June 8, 2012
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