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A2 French 19th June 2012

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    Hiya Guys

    Im doing A2 with Edexcel anstd was wondering if anyone was doing the French resistance topic and possibly what kind of questions may come up. I have prepared a few random essays but Im just scared that I will go to my exam lacking focus.

    Also my grammar is far from perfect so is there anybody with an idea about how I can sharpen it, especially for the translation exercise?

    Merci Beaucoup..x
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    I'm doing the same exam so nervous cause French is my weaker A level. As for the grammar that's the hardest part try looking at vocab from the different topics and I think there;s a couple of website online that you can practice with general grammar, bonne chance!
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    Try the Edexcel grammar book and french.about.com cos they have lessons about grammar and individual words. Try reading online newspapers in French and English and translating the English ones into French. Maybe translate the French into English and go back later to translate it back? It could give you an idea about how to translate.

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Updated: June 18, 2012
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