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Send the cinema a facebook message?

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    Im 16 and sent my CV to my local cinema in the hope of some summer employment, yet they havent got back to me. All they had contact details wise was the postal address, no email or phone number..I went in the other day, yet the manager was off and the staff didnt know :/

    I noticed however that they have a Facebook page for my local branch and after looking I realized they did advertise job opportunities on that page..so would it be ok for me to send them a quick message if they consider 16 year old?

    or does that seem unprofessional? I just really want to know so that I can then keep going in, until the manager is working and ask for an application form..
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    I'm really sorry to disappoint you but air d believe cinemas look for people who are 18+ because it's similar to working in a supermarket where under 18s can't serve alcohol, under 18s can't sell tickets to films which are rated 18. It's annoying, I know!

    It doesn't seem unprofessional at all, you have a every right to ask them, you don't want them to waste your time and they'll probably tell you straight. However, I've always found, if they don't reply, they're possibly not interested.

    Sorry and good luck! Hope you gt the job
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    No I'm sure that'd be fine, it shoes initiative and if they have a facebook page and advertise jobs on it they clearly believe in social networking as a tool to employ people. Go for it


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