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A transnational corporation that has exploited a developing country?

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    I need an example of a TNC which has exploited developing countries, through child labour, resource exploitation, anything. Thank you
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    Coca-Cola in India

    Exploiting water reserves
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    Nike in India

    The company that assembles Apple products in China
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    Glencore in Columbia. Apparently they bribed the paramilitary group during the civil war in order to gain access to lands rich with valuable materials.
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    (Original post by theandyguthrie)
    Coca-Cola in India

    Exploiting water reserves
    Thanks Do you know if they are still extracting? I read an article from 2003 about it, but don't know anything about it now
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    (Original post by NeonIndian)
    Thanks Do you know if they are still extracting? I read an article from 2003 about it, but don't know anything about it now
    They claim to be attempting to reduce on their website. But it hasn't been by much so far.
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    Bhopal disaster

    still causing bad feeling today
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    Walmart with their scandal of bribing officials in Mexico to help expand their market presence.
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Updated: June 7, 2012
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