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First lesson tomorrow in a Mini Cooper

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    I'm learning in a mini which I love

    My first lesson (2 hours) was with red and I reached the very exciting speed of 11mph down an empty road, stuck in first. She went through the cockpit drill and just kept on talking, she even read the terms and conditions and told me how to close a door.

    So I switched instructors and on my first lesson (1 hour) we did lots of left turns, a few mini roundabouts and I got up to 34mph! The next lesson I went on a dual carriageway which was surprisingly not terrifying!

    I still get nervous especially about changing gears because you can't look down and I'm worried I'll end up stalling in the middle of the road. I have gone into 5th instead or 3rd a couple of times Don't worry, they have dual controls and you'll be fine!
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    my first lesson i was picked up at a meeting point and whilst she drove me to somewhere quiet she explained the basics to me.. then she demonstrated how things worked and what i had to do initially.. then she sat me in the car and talked me through everything and then with her on the duel controls.. off we went.. i drove round in a few circles and then all the way back to the meeting place. from then on i drove for the whole lesson doing more tricky roads and manoeuvres and eventually she came off the duel controls and i was driving passed first time.. took me a year of an hour lesson most weeks say 40 lessons.. but it got a bit hampered at first because of snow.. and i should have taken my test way before i did!

    driving is fun.. just relax and enjoy it, and take all the time you need to learn. don't rush it.. from what ive seen and heard people who learn slowly tend to be better drivers!


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Updated: June 8, 2012
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