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What are your plans for this summer?

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    (Original post by cl_steele)
    I must say it was a terrible idea watching sun sea and A&E when they were in Malia ... rather scared now
    hehe i'm sure you'll be fine!! though i have not watched it!
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    Some people's summers sound amazing!

    I'm working full time for 5 weeks starting mid June, then going on hols with the fam end of July. No idea what to do with myself for the last month - see friends... maybe find another job?! I'd love to travel sometime, but August probably isn't the best time for that (price wise)!
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    (Original post by JLXP)
    Auto correct on my laptop! D:
    Suuuuuuuuureeee Click image for larger version. 

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    NOTHING hopefully. Last summer was taken up by my sister's wedding so I could not rest at all after my GCSEs! :eek: So hopefully this year will be better.
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    Ahhh. Summer!

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    I'm studying D1 right now, so I'll be doing that if I haven't finished. I've also been looking at Java, which some good results, but in the end there are a few errors I don't know how to solve, so I sort that out as well.

    In less than two weeks I'll be going to London for 3 weeks to visit universities and generally chill. It'll be nice. I think it's a good test of my independence in study, because I have to get on top of A2s. I'll also be spending time away from my parents, but that's a good thing right

    Then in the actual summer, I have a job. I'll be going to Belgium That will be as soon as holiday starts, for 3 or 4 weeks I believe. Then I've got some time back home to chill and get everything I may not have done in order. Making sure I've got all I need for my application, such as books.

    Then I've got to grind it all the way to Christmas, making sure I get FP1 done - I'll be doing all my other subjects, but this module is hard and important for AS Further Maths, one of the requirements of CS in some universities.
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    (Original post by tsr-member)
    Oh wow, Europe cycling sounds awesome!
    Are you going alone? I just found a job in Spain that I may take up, but I'm a bit worried about finding friends! Haha. Let me know if you'll be cycling through Valencia!
    Wow you found that quickly, what's the job, and how did you find it, if you don't mind me asking
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    (Original post by Zubby77)
    Wow you found that quickly, what's the job, and how did you find it, if you don't mind me asking
    An au pair job it won't be to make lots of money as I worked out that my spendings will far exceed my earnings. However, I need some kind of holiday over the summer, so it'll do!
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    Well I've just left school. Jetting off to Tenerife with 3 friends for a week. The following week I'm going to see blink 182 in Glasgow. Leeds festival in August. Plus loads of over time at tesco to save up for uni
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    Tour Krabi, Phuket, and hopefully Samui-THAILAND!! all in 1-2 weeks!?

    I plan to go to these 3 islands (close to each other) b'cos heard the food there, aside from the beach - is great - I was reading up on how ppl enjoy these islands more than the rest - w/ amazing selections - lots of great pics to c (where i got the info from) - it's a facebook fanpage - pretty useful - it's by chang beer - called "live like you mean it" - should be useful
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    (Original post by RB1990)
    Where did you find this job and what is it? I'm in Salamanca studying Spanish at the moment and I want to stay, but I don't know whether to keep studying, be an au pair or try to find a job... But if I do keep studying I might be in Valencia from the end of the month!
    I have an au pair job! I just emailed around and got a good response on one of them! Took so many emails though for just one reply! Haha.
    Please let me know if you do end up in Valencia from the end of the month! I'm leaving within the next few weeks for Valencia and currently know absolutely no one there apart from my au pair family!
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    Just found out today that I'll be going to Germany next Monday for eight days (for a school exchange trip).
    Will also be spending ten days in the Sud Tirol area of Italy/Austria in mid-July.
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    Going on holiday for a week 9th-16th July for my 18th birthday with family and boyfriend going to Alton Towers at some point in August, doing a three week performing arts summer school with Russell Grant culminating in a musical production in August, I'm really happy with my part so that's going to be so much fun, face painting at the local RSPB site at weekends, getting ready for uni with shopping and things and hopefully I'll find some time to spend down the beach :awesome: I love living on the coast
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    working, bumming around

    Then spain for a week in september


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