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Odd problem with some friends

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    Hey guys. I'm a guy living with 3 guys and 3 girls in my second year of uni. We all sort of get along, but 2 of the girls have been acting odd ever since I met them.

    Basically, they've never given me the impression they like me very much, but in an odd way. I'll call them B and J. My best friends in the house are the guys. We met the girls because they're living with one of the guys now (let's call him S) and he's going out with the 3rd girl (call her G). Lets call the 2 other guys, who I'm living with now, M and A.

    B and J have never given me the impression they particularly want to be with me. Even when we first met, they seemed to give me the vibe that I was annoying them. Even now, they never strike up conversation with me, it's always me talking to them. The thing that bothers me is that they're always talking to S, M and A and when they're around I seem to be invisible. If they're not around, they'll talk to me, but their first question always seems to be "Where are M, S or A?" or "What are they up to?" or something similar. They rarely talk to me and even if they do, it's about the others. Makes me feel a bit worthless to be honest. I've always made an effort to be friendly but they just look at me like I'm weird. J, for instance, gave M her telephone number and when I asked her what it was so I could have it, she replied "Oh you don't need it." When we parted our seporate ways for summer, there were lots of emotional hugs when S, M and A left but they didn't even say bye to me.

    Sadly, the key difference I think I've noticed is that S, M and A are all considered relatively attractive, whereas I'm considered (by a lot of girls anyway) to be relatively ugly. This doesn't bother me much, but I'm kinda left with the impression these girls don't want to be friends just because I'm not a looker. Can some girls be that shallow even when it comes to friends? G seems to get along fine with me, which makes the whole situation very confusing.

    Anyone ever had similar experiences of people apparently not wanting to be friends or favouring other people for no apparent reason??
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    Felt like I was doing algebra again.

    Some people wont make an effort to be friends with you for whatever reason, don't take it to heart.
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    Women are heartless creatures my friend, but you've gotta be harsher. You seem like you really really crave their attention. That would be the biggest turn off. Act as if you don't care, just smile about as if their lives affect yours in no way whatsoever. That would better relations in a way, and if it doesn't who cares. Not the end of the world buddy
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    OK, thanks. Sorry for the algebra style post lol.

    I kinda just want to be friends because we're living together. I hadn't thought about it as craving their attention but I guess that makes sense. Just bothers me that they see my friends as such interesting people but I'm just a bit invisible to them.
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    It's ok, I live with a girl and 2 guys and one of my male housemates really dislikes me; we've never even had a full conversation without one of the others being there and we've lived together for just under a year. To be fair I'm not fussed on him but I did always make an effort to talk, no matter how awkward. I've given up now and just leave it at silence and hope he buggers off out of the room soon! :P


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Updated: June 8, 2012
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