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What makes a girl attractive? Genetics or presentation?

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    Is it mainly presentation or genetic features that make a girl ugly/pretty? For example if a girl had boyish hair, wore tracksuits and plain sports gear all the time with trainers and didnt wear make up/jewellry would you still be interested? Would you prefere a girl who didnt have nice facial features but did her hair and presented herself nicely in cute clothes all the time?
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    For me there are two quite distinct types of presentation. There's presentation in terms of body language - including posture and expression - which is extremely significant. You can take a woman who would otherwise be attractive and have her slouch, pout unpleasantly and carry herself in an ungainly way, and it will be very hard for any of her potential to show through. The other form of presentation, which is to do with preparation - including haircut, make-up, clothing, jewellery - is much less able to hide attractiveness. A woman with natural looks who carries herself well is going to look good even if you put her in tatty overalls with messy hair and no make-up.

    I still think genetics probably play the bigger role though.
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    hmm, some research suggests it is actually to do with the symmetry of their face (inital first impressions of a person that is) and also, for women, the curvy, 'hourglass' figure i.e the bigger hip to waist ratio (around 10inches between each is supposedly perfect). However, other than the facial features, is it possible to process a womans specific measurements in the 2 sec initial glance over at her in a bar, or is it down to the way she holds herself, laughs/smiles etc..

    I mean i'm a straight woman so I don't find women 'attractive' in that sense, i'm only quoting what research has found and adding my own evaluations...


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Updated: June 8, 2012
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