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A2: Anyone else really dreading next week?

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    Eng Lang, Spanish, German. We have learnt NOTHING in Lang and those of you who do AQA A will know how much there is to memorise, both from the book and own research :sigh:
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    Physics G485- Monday
    History Russia- Tuesday
    Biology F215- Friday

    and then a Physics retake and General Studies the week after.

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    (Original post by flume)
    UCL! it's literally the perfect university for me, but it's looking very unlikely that i'll get in
    I'm sure you'll be okay! Be confident

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    I'm dreading next week as well... not as bad as a lot of people have it by the sounds of it but I have physics monday and chemistry wednesday - my two hardest exams.
    I just don't feel like I know enough (especially in physics!)
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    (Original post by such_a_lady)

    Eng Lang, Spanish, German. We have learnt NOTHING in Lang and those of you who do AQA A will know how much there is to memorise, both from the book and own research :sigh:
    Atleast you know you'll kick ass in German and Spanish.
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    (Original post by emilie18)
    Haven't you done unit 4 yet then? Aghr I know, when you compare Crime and Deviance to Religion in the textbook, there's more than double for Crime! It's ridiculous! Blehr and research methods, *yawn*. The only good thing about unit 4 is that the grade boundaries do tend to be fairly low, because I think everyone struggles with it!

    I'm doing International Business with French + Spanish at Aston University What about you?

    Nope! It's on the 19th of this month!
    I know, there's so so much to look over! The last question will be the worst I think

    That sounds so interesting! Languages were not my strongest point, although I scraped an A in gcse German! I'm doing English at the University of Liverpool I hope

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    (Original post by hannafer)
    Im dreading it all

    Tues History and ICT
    Thurs Business Studies

    hatehatehate it
    are you doing edexcel business?
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    (Original post by LGrosvenor101)
    Need AAB for Chemistry at Warwick... already had 4 exams (all maths) and I still have 6 exams to go - 2 next week, and then 4 the week after! D:

    Although, my insurance is BBB which I shall definitely get, so at least I know I am definitely going to university!
    Ah good luck! My insurance is BBC, so I should definitely get that as well!

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    13th - Chemistry
    14th - core 4
    15th - biology

    Help! hahaa
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    Spanish on tuesday then Biology and German on friday. German is my favourite subject and hopefully what I'll be studying at Uni in a few months...so I'm kind of annoyed I have it on the same day as my most hated subject that takes up most of my time. Was hoping for a few days of pure German revision...oh well.
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    PHY4 monday, C3/M3 Wednesday CHY4 Thursday...
    CHM5/CHY5/FP2 week after and finally FP3 the week after that!
    Stressing out big time :'(
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    (Original post by Soph(:)
    Ok same. You know in the literature and arts section, do the characters names count in our word count because each time I write an essay I'm like 300 words over :|
    No, they don't, fortunately. Neither do quotes.
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    f u history and geography
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    [QUOTE=xiyangliu;37980262]6 exams, physics field and particle , physics rise and fall clockwork universe, chemistry unit 4 and 5 maths C3 and C4. Ouch ..../_-

    I have exactly the Same.....failing physics right now...hate g495!!!...arrghhh:mad:......
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    I'm absolutely bricking it. I've got a two and a half hour Spanish written paper on Tuesday afternoon, then Sociology on Wednesday morning and Biology on Friday. Then two more exams the week after.

    I will, quite literally, jump for joy after walking out of my last exam.

    EDIT: I need A*AA. Fudge. Me.
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    Dreading it. I never feel ready for exams, but these are even worse because of the pressure. I didn't get into uni this year and want to do Medicine, so I need at least AAA. That isn't particularly out of reach, but I *want* an A* or two to give me that little bit extra when it comes to reapplying. Gaaah.

    Also, Core 4? **** me, I am abysmal at it. What even is the comprehension about? D:
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    I have three exams next week and three the week after. Need A*AA for my first choice uni, but that's probably got to come from either Geography or Chemistry, in which I am taking two exams in each, and each of which is on the same day as one of the others (on the 13th I have chemistry AM and geography PM, and on the 19th it's the other way around).

    Can't wait until Wednesday is done with - I think after 4.5 hours of exams in a day I'll be entitled to kick back and watch some football, for one evening at least.

    But in general, yeah, I'm bricking it.
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    • M3 (M4 was hell):headfire:
    • Econ 3 :fuhrer:
    • Physics 4:rip:
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    (Original post by Jack22031994)
    I have got politics on thursday too!

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    Good luck What exam board are you on?
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    (Original post by milkytea)
    I'm just dreading Thursday morning to be honest. I have Politics and C4 one after the other. I'm gonna be stuck in one room for about four and a half hours haha.
    smuggle your phone in and get tweeting in between man


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