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Statistics GCSE edexcel Monday 18th June exam

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    I'm taking the exam this year and I was just wandering if any of you had any tips for me ? Would be really appreciated !
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    statistics is just elematary maths

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    oops **elementary

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    For the actual Exam, would anyone know the raw mark to get a 100% UMS??
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    I'm so ready for this exam. Although I did get 25 / b for my coursework I pretty sure I can get an a* overall since I'm much better at the exam. On my mock I got 88/100 without any revision what so ever and any marks I did drop were because of silly mistakes such as not writing down the answer on the line or unclear working out. I would recommend everyone buy the purple edexcel workbook for £3 on amazon as it is AMAZING. it helps so much.
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    (Original post by BlahBlah135)
    For the actual Exam, would anyone know the raw mark to get a 100% UMS??
    Yeah that would be 100/100
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    hi please can you send me the link or your files for 2009 and 2010 question and answer papers
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    Nearly a week left , I've finished all my note taking from the revision book, all that is left is to attempt the practice questions and I should be good to go! Good luck to everyone taking this!
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    Edexcel GCSE Higher Tier June 2015
    Complete question papers (BOTH) 1H & 2H with SOLUTIONS!!!

    Name: Maths A Paper 1 Higher Non-Calculator 1MA01H- 4 June 2105.pdf

    Name: Maths A Paper 2 Higher Calculator 1MA02H- 8 June 2105.pdf
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    Could anyone help me with the 2013 paper, querstion 13 I really dont get it
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    erm I haven't even started revising for this yet...and its tomorrow, oh dear
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    This is the easiest subject I take, past papers the lowest I've ever got is 86, highest is 99. Hoping for high 90's tomorrow!
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    i wrote some of my written answers in pencil will they mark that im freaking out will someone help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Updated: June 23, 2015
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