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Driving Me Crazy - learners on TV

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    Has anyone who can get DiscRT TV channel been watching the programme 'Driving me crazy' where leaners go out with a friend or family member as their 'instructor' ?

    The test at the end of the 150 mile 5 day trip using a VW campervan is based on the DSA test and uses a fully qualified examainer

    I mention this because it is interesting to note that although not all pass the driving challenge test at the end they are not that far off doing so........

    Cannot be easy by having cameras record every little error etc as well as doing the driving with, usually, a complete numpty as the instructor !!! - seroiusly - those supervising drivers do they best they can

    The point of this post is that it might be worth seriously considering doing something similar to get a boost/confidence/experience as well as having lessons
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    Maybe having a week off uni etc and taking a road trip as descibed in the first post is something which many could consider

    The actual daily driving time would not be that long so that leaves plenty of time for relaxation or perhaps catching up on some assignmments

    Instead of a campervan using camping sites it could be done by using a car and B&Bs


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Updated: June 8, 2012
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