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If you could write a letter to your 13 year old self

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    If you could write a letter to your 13 year old self, what would it say?

    I will start us off.

    1. Forget T. And don't go there with M. Awk.
    2. Make an effort with other people at school, not just 'your group', because they all leave by sixth form and then you have to start again.
    4. Save your money. There's a recession coming up.
    5. Take foundation maths GCSE.
    6. Cool things down with M in roughly December 2009. But don't regret any of it.
    7. Give Mx2 a chance
    8. Choose gov&pol A Level instead of History.
    9. Work really hard at Latin AS, get a B, then drop it.
    10. Revise for plays paper in CC.
    11. Retake English AS and redo coursework.
    12. You rock.

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    Don't play Runescape.
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    -Don't go snowboarding on the dry ski slope, you'll break both your arms and a rib.
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    (Original post by JLXP)
    hahahhaha. 'sup biiiitch'
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    Stop acting like that. In the future, we have a name for people like you. Hipsters.

    Oh, and get a bottle of damn hair dye. Now that your blue streaks have faded out, it looks disgusting.

    Don't bother buying things from Lush, most of them won't work. Buy music instead.

    Take 6 Highers, you'll have way too much free time in 5th year so you may as well do History as well. Then take Drama in 6th year.

    They're going to increase the tuition fees to £9000 a year, so you might want to start saving.

    Learn guitar now. You'll regret never learning it later on.

    Don't bother applying for that summer job in 2011, they won't give it to you and you won't hear about it until it's too late, so just book that holiday to Germany and have fun with your friends.
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    "Stop being a prick"
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    It gets better.
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    (Original post by JCC-MGS)
    "Stop being a prick"
    Hahahah, I second this.
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    Google lottery numbers
    Send them back in time
    Win lottery every week
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    (Original post by TheHansa)
    Google lottery numbers
    Send them back in time
    Win lottery every week
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    Stop wearing so much hair gel. Seriously.
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    Stop eating so much crap, or you'll get to the stage where you'll have to lose 7 and a half stone to be a similar weight to everyone else.

    Also, stop thinking the only guy you can get is the one who is clearly using you.. don't let him string you along for 4 years.
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    Don't watch Game of Thrones until after 4 or 5 seasons come out. Otherwise the wait for the next season will make you kill yourself.
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    - Stop being a prick.
    - Study hard.
    - Play hard.
    - Rest hard.
    - Have fun.

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    "It gets better...
    Ah who am I kidding, no it doesn't, have fun loser".
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    I wouldn't. And this goes for all you as well.

    ~Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.~
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    GCSE's really do count for Uni applications. STUDY.
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    You know that smelly green ****? Don't bother with it, it will hold you back for quite a few years.
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    In 4 years mum and dad will both be dead - better start learning how to run a house NOW.
    Your relationship with T will never go anywhere - he likes but will never love you.
    Come to terms with being tall and slim - other girls are so jealous.
    Granddad will never stop being a control freak - avoid him.


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Updated: September 7, 2012
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