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Asked a friend out and she said no. Dont want things to be awkward.

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    Hi guys making this post because i have this friend and always thought she was really nice looking so i was talking about it with her other friend (girl also my good friend) she said i should just go for it and ask.

    so i asked her and she said she doesnt like me that way and would rather just be friends so thats fair enough no problem.

    But i see her almost everyday as we hang out in a friends house alot and im kind of nervous about going over today and having to see her, im not confident with girls at all it took alot of courage for me to ask her i dont usually approach girls as i dont wanna get shot down.

    Any tips or advice you guys can give me ?

    thanks alot
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    Exact thing happened to me, except I was the one confessed to. To be honest, I wasn't expecting it at all and I hadn't ever seen my friend that way, so I told him I didn't like him that way. He was really sweet about it and texted an apology abit later...(though he didnt need to.) Same group of friends and all that, and I must admit it was as awkward as could be the next day at college, in our friends group. Tried acting as usual, but the awkwardness continued for afew days to a week, but eventually things went back to usual. Eventually we were able to have a non awkward conversation, but yeah you kind of have to give this stuff time.
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    well i dont like her as in im crazy about her just wanted a bit of fun mayb to meet if we head out to a club or something but nothing serious. i think she may have taken it that way she seems to be the kind of girl thinks when somones likes her they are crazy about her which im not.

    Im actually quite proud of myself for doing it as its given me a bit of a confidence boost even though i got completley knocked back lol. im not good with girls at all tbh
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    Just behave like nothing happened. As long as the conversation flows it won't feel awkward. If the first time since saying it is fine, then the subsequent ones should be too.

    I asked out a friend of mine last week. He said he wanted to go out with me, but just as friends. It was awkward for a couple of days, but then we actually went out to the place where I'd suggested we go on a date, but with a couple of mutual friends. We actually had a really good time, and since then everything's been completely back to normal.

    Just talk to your friend like everything's fine, and sooner than you think it will really feel that way. You must enjoy spending time with her, otherwise you wouldn't be friends!
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    Depending how close you are it'll be awkward for a week tops!


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Updated: June 8, 2012
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