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A2 German AQA Translations

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    Hey guys, the exam is next Friday and before then I need to do lots more translation practice! Does anyone know where I could find any more translations, both from English to German and German to English, other than on the past pepers online? Because I have done all of those. I am really nervous about the translation and I would appreciate any links etc. you could post!

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    What book are you doing

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    I will be sitting this exam too!
    There are loads of translation exercises on the Zeitgeist A2 AQA Self-Study Guide (which I borrowed from school), if you could get hold of that.
    We also did some "AQA Examination-Style Questions - Reading" in school, some of which were translations. Unfortunately I don't know where you can find the questions online but the answers are on Kerboodle.
    Maybe you could ask at your school/college if they have anything available before the exam?
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    (Original post by louisb2692)
    What book are you doing

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    Book, as in for the cultural topic? 'Der Gute Mensch von Sezuan' by Bertolt Brecht. You?


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Updated: June 9, 2012
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