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Are you still worried about disapointing your parents/parent

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    Anon please...

    I've had a situation today thats made me ask the question of whether I should be worried about disapointing my parents or not.

    Someones uploaded a picture of me smoking a spliff on Facebook (it was just an one off thing) and i'm worried that it will affect the relationship between me and my mum. I know it might all sound silly.

    At the same time I don't want to be a **** and tell my friend to delete the photo, but what happens is family see it then the word gets to mum. Respect and image always seems a big thing in our family,

    I know I sound childish, but every wrong thing I do I always get the feeling i've 'shamed the family' and all that. Should I just not worry about things like that and just make my own decisions as a man or respect my mum and listen to her?
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    i used to feel the same way but then my parents started being horrible to me
    so now i couldnt care

    You can 'remove from timeline' (top right near the tags) so no one can see the photo on your wall etc.. but it is still there and you are tagged in it. Or I am pretty sure you can edit the privacy settings and put your mum/family in a seperate group that can't see photos. In anycase having a picture of you smoking what is still an illegal substance is certainly not something I would have open to the world on my fb even if it meant asking a friend to delete it.


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Updated: June 8, 2012
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