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Still a virgin but am I still normal?

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    Ok so im a virgin, female nearly age 28 and not only am i concerned about the social stigma attached to it but I never feel the urge to have sex. I mean I can get turned on by men i have crushes with but actual intercourse would just hurt and not be pleasant (dont ask how i know lol). Ive never had a proper boyfriend ive just been focused on sports and my job all my life ie been quite a loner. I often wonder why girls enjoy intercourse as the closeness of someone i liked might be enough to turn me on. Like i tend to get crushes on much older men (but never tell them im really shy) and when they touch me for example squeeze my shoulders in a playful way I'l get really turned on.

    I dont know whats wrong with me why dont i have the urge to have sex with someone:confused: I can 'go all the way' in terms of being turned on but its not the thought of intercourse that does it.

    Ive always accepted myself for how i am but comparing myself to other people it doesnt make sense why im like this. I dont really get male attention.
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    What is normal?

    However I would just say that intercourse may be painful the first few times (although it wasnt for me) but you would learn to perhaps enjoy it.

    I don't know what more to say though because I know that this is something about you. I don't really know what more to say to help you. It's good to see you have accepted yourself but it's sad to see you're also questioning it.
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    its perfectly normal to feel like this and there is nothing wrong with being a virgin at 28, honestly there is no rush

    when it happens it happens, there no rush at all, so don't be worried

    hope this helps


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