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royal navy medic

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    hello im 15 and i want to be a royal navy medic and i want to know some information about the job.

    what kind of drugs can they give(i.e- morphine, adrenaline, i.v, and other
    emergency drugs?)
    what kind of equipment do they use(i.e defibrillator, ECG, surgical equipment?)
    what procedures can the perform (i.e chest drain, chest decompression,

    also what other job they do on-board the boat, like help the chef, train others in first aid. Also are they part of the boarding team?
    Another question is what qualification can i get, like paramedic degree(BSc Hons)/diploma/foundation degree? also will i have the chance of become a Search And Rescue paramedic within the navy?
    Many thanks, Dean.
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    You won't find that sort of detail around here - sorry. You'd need to be speaking directly to the RN to get a proper answer. Out of curiosity, why do you want to know that sort of detail at 15?

    Search and Rescue is very likely to be privatised in the coming years.

    Go down to a careers office and ask a few questions. It is what they are there for.


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Updated: June 9, 2012
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