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PE in school - loved it or hated it?

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    I was one of these kids that absolutely DETESTED PE. I had very little hand-eye co-ordination, and was incredibly unfit. I also used to BEG my Mum to let me take the day off of school on Sports Days (to which she obliged, thank goodness!). And of course, I would always be picked last for teams.

    I also used to find the teachers incredibly patronising - for example, we would get moaned at for not running in the freezing cold whilst they were wearing tracksuits and we were wearing crappy little cycle shorts. They also used to shower all their attention on to those students who were good at PE.

    I've noticed now that since I've left school, I actually enjoy keeping fit far more! Especially that I can do it at my own pace and not have people laughing at me. Am I the only who felt like this at school?
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    when i was at private school i quite liked it, we did all sorts of sports from football to Hockey to Rugby and rowing whilst when i went to the state school ... well it involved playing catch more or less ... completely put me off it for life.
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    I wasnt fat or unfit, nor was i a nerd.

    SO yes, it was pretty good.
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    I really enjoyed it.
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    I enjoyed it for a while - but I then I grew this massive urge to fly kick my P.E teacher for making us do cross-country during the winter.

    Needless to say, they made us run in the forest which was perfect for playing hide and seek.
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    Hated it. The PE staff were notorious for having favourites - the people on the sports teams even had different uniforms to wear in lessons and if you didn't, you could forget it.
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    It was okay, but an absolute waste of time! Who wants to be playing ball games and running when they could be taking an extra extension class to get to a better univerisity?
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    I loved PE! The one time of the week I could go out and do something I thoroughly enjoyed as a hobby during school time but the PE teachers WERE really patronising and only focussed on the top athletes... Quite annoying, but hey, it was fun
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    I hated p.e! I was always so self conscious and a huge target for those over competitive kids to yell at hahaha! I enjoy going to my local gym for Zumba and spinning though

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    I hated crosscountry
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    My last P.E lesson was a few weeks ago, and, despite dreading the lesson since I was a scrawny year 7, I actually looked back on it with a little sadness. I stress a *little*. I think in my last year I started to enjoy it more. I was never the athletic type, even though I was not overweight or anything, just skinny. In my last year the groups were sorted differently, and by that year the horrible PE teachers didn't really care, so I joined others like me. About 5 of us in the group played every football match with our heads held high as we attempted to hit the ball with our foot. We didn't take it seriously like all the other people, who thought winning meant that you could survive another week as if we were playing Aztec football. We joked around a lot and it was a much better year.

    I've always thought that PE was a good subject to be useless in, as the subject was useless in my eyes. I was much more focused on more academic subjects. For that reason, I kind of shrugged off that bitterness of PE lessons, knowing someday I will surpass these horrible PE teacher's salary five times over in the future.
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    The same people passing the ball to each other every-week in. Football recluses standing around getting shouted at by the keen ones. Good times.
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    in year 7,8 and 9. I did athletics, cross-country, basketball, cricket, table-tennis and dodgeball. Then it came to year 10 and I suddenly detested exercise :lol: . It kinda upsets me for the 3 years I did lots of sports in school I went to a few county tournaments for table-tennis and always finished in the top 4 but kept on getting knocked out by the same person every year :rant: and I was in the school team for athletics and cross country, coming top 5 for cross country every race. I also won every event I took place in for my form in the sports days :lol:

    So I would say it was iffy. Liked most of the things we did until year 10, but stupid teachers had favourites and did whatever their favourites wanted so we played football and rugby constantly until they left :rant:
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    I hated it until year 11 (when I started compulsively exercising). From years 7-10 we would play random sports which I was always so bad at. Though, football and basketball were fun because I would go in for the kill and everyone would fear me. In year 11 we did judo and aerobics, both of which I absolutely loved! For judo, my best friend and I were the best in my class and because of this we would both have to fight each other so we'd constantly come at a standstill. She would do little things to try and piss me off so that I'd get distracted, but because I was pissed off I wouldn't back down. It was brilliant!
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    Hated it so much. I think it was just my group though, it was literally an opportunity to stand there and be ridiculed by people.

    As soon as it stopped being compulsory, I became way fitter. PE never really included the sports I was actually interested in though, so that's probably why.
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    I did PE abroad so all we ever did was play football. It was alright, though I wish we had more variety like cross-country!
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    Overall, I hated it because most of time nothing fun was every done. We were just made to do pointless, boring and repetitive exercises. We rarely got to play any games/matches, 90% of time in 'basketball' sessions were basically just bouncing the ball back and forth with your partner 2 metres away. ****ing boring and useless.
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    my PE teacher HATED me, with an absolute passion. I'm not unfit by any means, but we had no showers so i had no intentions of getting sweaty monday morning. So i'd just do the bare minimum.

    We had a cool PE teacher who took all the fat kids and gave us all a gladiator style motivational speech before we walked the 800m, it was brilliant haha.
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    Loved it, apart from when we had to play Lacross (or whatever it's called) in the winter. What made it worse was the bat thing was metal so your hands would freeze and just about fall off.
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    Loved PE in primary school. Hated it in the first few years of high school.
    Just didn't do it in the last years of high school.
    When we did fun stuff like rugby and even table tennis it was amazing.
    However most of the time, it was just incredibly repetitive and having to carry my kit was too much effort.
    My teachers gave up on trying to make me do PE in the end. But I did get to know them a lot better during this period and realised that they're not all idiots.


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