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Has anyone here ever had an addiction?

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    Nicotine, porn.

    Both were ****ing deadly. The latter is way more common than most people suspect.
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    (Original post by Lil08)
    I was addicted to being too awesome.

    Still am..:awesome:
    Barney Stinson .......:P
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    Energy Drinks.. MONSTER!
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    Am I the only one who has never played runscape?
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    Lego, solitaire and heroin
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    Sex.....no really ive ruined 2 good relationships because of it.....I matured with age though Im now 22 nd with an amazing girl....I look back and realise I had an over sex drive which kinda made my previous gfs think I was after 1 thing....was a bit of a douche but have grown out of it. Now I have a healthy amount and am happy

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    Just coming off a caffeine addiction... I would drink 2-3 litres of boost daily to try and stay energised at work or in general... Thank you City of Westminster college!
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    (Original post by blahblahblah.)
    Am I the only one who has never played runscape?
    nope me neither, i am quite curious what it is now though :L
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    Coffee :coma:
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    Cigarettes, Alcohol (wouldn't say addicted but I do enjoy it far too much), Internet, Food......God when am I gonna get my life in order ><
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    (Original post by cl_steele)
    nope me neither, i am quite curious what it is now though :L
    Don't do it!
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    (Original post by Qxz)
    Hardcore porn, started when I was 11 got worse and worse until I just wasn't satisfied with real girls. I'd just masturbate to the most far fetched porn you could imagine: tranny, bdsm, violence etc many times a day. I was so saturated to extreme sex that I found it difficult to even get with girls. I viewed them simply as objects of desire rather than real people.

    Decided to quit last year. Haven't viewed any porn at all since then and I've severely cut down my masturbation. I actually feel a lot healthier and have much more pleasurable orgasms.

    If I could go back in time I'd never watch porn, it corrupted my mind and ruined my view of sex.

    Sure there isn't anything wrong with using pornography but at 11 years old it screws with your head. Maybe if I actually had a decent sex education things would be different.

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    Sound like me(bar the tranny stuff) in fact that reminds me...
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    Dieting/exercise, when young teenager.

    Porn, when older teenager.

    More fixations than addictions, possibly though.
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    I got addicted to the Harry Potter audio books by Stephen Fry and spent 3 months listening to the entire series and completely neglected school work, but it was so worth it!
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    Gambling, which started on my first day in Vegas which then followed me home.

    Energy drinks, i used to down red bulls for a little buzz back at school. Then it started to not affect me that much so I had to drink more to get an effect, now I drink them to feel normal.

    Money, after having a full time job I cannot live without that amount of income again.

    Sex it's natural to be slightly addicted.

    And alcohol if I drink it regularly I feel addiction coming on but luckily i only drink regularly when I'm on holiday because I work full time and I'm studying so I don't have time.

    I usually also have brief addictions to stuff like coke, Doritos, magnums, dr pepper etc but only when they are on offer lol
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    Clubbing, Runescape, Pokemon, COD, Water, Running, Films, Shopping, Fine Dining, Ice cream... list goes on.
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    Stupid online MMORPG games. Ruined my life to be honest. Since this stupid idiot showed me how to play in year 9, I have been playing for about 10 years straight. I am pretty sure a lot of people can say the same with games. Games = Evilz. World of Warcraft, Tibia for example, spent so much money on them as well.
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    Dancing. It's funny cause I used to find it really awkward but get a good tune going and I love it. It's kinda a way of releasing all the pent up stress I have

    Gay porn.


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