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Has anyone here ever had an addiction?

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    Runescape *sigh* I wasted my childhood.. That curse is the main reason why I stay away from stuff like wow...I have no idea whether I'll like it or not I'm just too scared of getting hooked as a wow zombie and destroying my social life.

    O and blems... been clean for a couple of months tho and feeling great apart from the occasional's getting harder by the minute... somebody kill me please and end it all!!!!

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    I'm addicted to fantasising...
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    (Original post by IgorYakov)
    Weirdly, I had an addiction to washing up powder, i think its a disease called Pica LOOL It tasted SOOO nice :P Dunno how my parents got me to stop :O
    Yes. Pica is to
    do with eating non food items.
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    In first year at uni I got into it, and very quickly I got very addicted. I would even wake up early to harvest crops, plan socialising around harvesting my trees. I even bought farm cash with real money.
    Thankfully one day I just realised it was a joke. They make it very difficult to play without pumping your own real money in. There was quest upon quest, and they were extremely demanding and time consuming.
    So I quit, and haven't looked back. Thank heavens.
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    Jetpack Joyride. I have to finish that game! So...addicting...
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    Runescape, at times I used to play that game about 16 or 17 hours straight

    crazy, had no life.

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    Football Manager is addictive. Always has been for me. In real life, gambling? If I pop in to Betfred to have a couple of quid on football, then roulette attracts me, etc

    I'm not badly addicted to anything though. Nothing serious anyway.
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    (Original post by Anonymous)
    I became addicted to painkillers after having to take 1600mg of ibuprofen and 600mg paracetamol for a few month by prescription. After I was done taking those, I just couldn't handle the slightest headache unless I took at least 600mg of ibuprofen to it. This went on for a year until I realised the whole deal and quit immediately. First week was hard, the pain was just unbearable. Nowadays I tend to sleep the headache off rather than taking a pill - I'll only take one if I can't sleep without it.
    Try drinking a lot of water, about 2 litres a day
    It works wonders on headaches! you'll see the results after a few days

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    Club penguin. I bought a membership with real money too, never ever have I regret it!
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    (Original post by Dennerers)
    I was once addicted to an irishman called Mclaferary.
    you confuse me...
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    Probably nothing like I a proper addiction, but I'm an insane period eater: find new food item I enjoy, and eat nothing else for a couple of weeks. Avocados, nuts, quark, Greek yogurt...
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    I'm addicted to ear buds.... I don't know how that happened. :dontknow:
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    Gaming, because I was deprived of it as a child and still am really. So I feel I have to make up for the lost times. Nothing serious tho, just the closest thing I could think of.
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    Coca Cola, Coffee, Red Bull, Tea!

    I think its fair to say I'm a caffeine addict!

    However, I can go for days without having any, which sort of goes against the idea of an addiction. But then suddenly I just get a craving for it, AND THEN I CAN'T STOP!
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    (Original post by Platostolemysocks)

    I think its fair to say I'm a caffeine addict!
    Of course, how could I forget! I'm a major, major coffee addict. (Coffee snob as well, really.)
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    Runescape. I wouldn't rest until Elvarg was dead and I was passing my days fishing lobsters :P
    Crash Bandicoot. Who wouldn't be?
    Fantastically contrived and surreal plot and character development.
    Naan bread.
    The Cha Cha Slide (yes, really)

    I could think of more but I need to go procrastinate now :P
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    (Original post by Kjærleik)
    Of course, how could I forget! I'm a major, major coffee addict. (Coffee snob as well, really.)
    Oh totally! None of that instant nonsense!!! Whats your favourite?
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    (Original post by Kjærleik)
    Probably nothing like I a proper addiction, but I'm an insane PERIOD EATER:...
    not what it sounds like I hope.... :s

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    I'm increasingly addicted to porn.

    But watching porn in exponentially increasing amounts is just what most people would do if they'd gone 6 years without even going further than hugging a female friend... FML.
  18. Offline

    (Original post by IgorYakov)
    Hahaha :P How did you manage to stop? Or you still going ?
    Still going strong bro, no intervention will quell our love.


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Updated: February 20, 2014
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