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lose arm flab then tone up(im a girl)

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    im a 21 year old female and im 5"5 and roughly 10stone2lbs at the moment.

    i tent to store fat around my middle(genetics,cant do much about it!) and my arms,especially upper arms.

    my arms from the side look quite big:\

    i know you cant spot reduce,but what would be the best way to lose fat in my upper arms so i can then go on to tone them. and what would be the best exercises to tone arms and shoulders?

    basically my aim is to have toned strong arms/shoulders and back.
    i am naturally broad shouldered too which makes me look quite big already.

    i go to circuit training twice a week and spinning once a week. in between i go jogging and do workout dvds. I have at least one day off exercise a week.

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    Curls for the lads, wait wut? That doesn't go at all.
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    (Original post by AMG44)
    Curls for the lads, wait wut? That doesn't go at all.
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    (Original post by Robaij)

    In all serious try lifting weighting or go to a woman's crossfit, a lot of people will hate on crossfit but you do see results.
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    You need to reduce overall body fat (mainly achieved through diet) whilst doing exercises that train your upper back and shoulders. There are loads of tips and advice in the stickies in this forum and in the nutrition sub forum. Read them.
Updated: June 9, 2012
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