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Advice for applying to Cambridge Graduate Entry Medicine.

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    Hello all.

    As the title suggests I'm keen on applying to Cambridge for the Graduate Entry Programme. Obviously I'm aware of how intense the competition is in general for Medicine and Grad-Med and even more so for Cambridge.

    but other than academics what exactly can I do to strengthen my application and maximise my chances of at least getting an interview?

    Here's a little bit about me:

    - 2:1 in non-science Bachelor's Degree
    - AABb in A levels (including Chemistry, Biology and Maths).
    - GCSEs; 4A* 4As annd 2Bs

    -Work experience; extensive voluntary work over the years at a nursing home and over the last ten years at a local hospice which I still do regular work at.

    Will be doing voluntary work at the Olympics this summer alongside a paid job at the Olympics and also an "Olympic Ambassadors" role.

    Done extensive Hospital work experience over the years in Adult Medicine, Paediatrics and GP.

    - Won numerous national awards for my voluntary work.

    - Play American Football and Volleyball for city teams alongside other sports.

    - Enjooy reading around the subject e.g. journals, general science books (e.g. The Selfish Gene).

    Other than voluntary work I haven't done any clinical work experience of late and getting Hospital experience is seemingly tricky. I'm hoping to do some additional work with my GP and perhaps with a family friend who is a psychiatrist.

    Can anyone offer me any advice on how I can strengthen my application and make it look impressive to the selectors at Cambridge?

    Also I am hoping to be studying for a Master's in 2012/2013 before going onto medical school, in the States.

    Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.

    Soft Cat =^..^=
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