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Men, what is the state of your hairline......?

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    Just wondering whether your hairline has receded and how old you are? I am 25 year old, male and have always had nice, thick short dark hair but have noticed from stress related problems, it has begun to recede the last couple of years a bit. I am very conscious of it that I check in the mirror about a dozen times a day to see if it has gone back any further. I understand that there's not really much you can do about it and won't be shaving it as I would look very bad with a shaved head. Obviously, I am very depressed about it.
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    If its going, it's going. You could bite the bullet and shave it. I did recently and it was both one of the scariest and best things I have done. You get used to it - and if anyone doesn't like it, **** em. ;-)
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    I'm 18 and it has yet to recede
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    On a student forum... I'm gonna guess that most people's hairlines are pretty standard
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    when i was 19 i noticed that in a short amount of time, literally a space of 2-3 months, my hair line receded a fair bit, but ever since, has just stayed the same, but tbh I really don't care about receding hair lines, I never worry about it, I don't care when I go bald, because I know that when I'm visibly balding I'll be at least 30-40
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    mines peachy and im 18, my 13 year old brother on the other hand isnt doing so good...


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