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Vehicle siren colours

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    Does anyone have a good document / pdf / link which clearly explains which colour sirens and lights various emergency services vehicles use? I know the basic ones but things like bomb squad vehicles and blood transfusion transportation vehicles always get me on the multiple choice.

    Thanks a lot!
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    I didn't know sirens had colours...

    But seriously, there are three colours of flashing beacons seen on vehicles on roads. A fourth colour, yellow, is used on vehicles exclusively at airports.

    They are as follows:
    Fire service
    Ambulance (including lone paramedics on equipped motorcycles)
    Mountain rescue
    Cave rescue
    Bomb disposal (military or civilian)
    Blood transfusion service (including organ transportation)

    Doctor (any vehicle used by a medical practitioner registered by the General Medical Council whether with full, provisional or limited registration)

    Road clearance vehicle
    Refuse collection vehicle
    Breakdown vehicle
    Road maintenance vehicle (including maintenance of any apparatus in, on, under or over a road)
    Vehicles with a maximum speed of less than 25mph (including its trailer)
    Vehicles with an overall width exceeding 2.9 metres
    Escort vehicle when used below 25mph
    HMRC fuel testing vehicle
    Surveying vehicle
    Statutory immobilisation or removal vehicle

    In short, blue is used on any vehicle used for saving lives. Amber is found on any generally slow moving vehicles which may obstruct the road from time to time. Green is only used by doctors.
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    All flashing lights are blue except for doctor cars (green) and roadworks/breakdown/service vehicles (orange).

    See here


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