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Gifts from the ex?

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    Not sure if it belongs in this section, mods feel free to move.

    My ex gave me a watch for Christmas this year, and we broke up a few months later. Now, there are no regrets, ended on decent enough terms, I am glad I got out, and I certainly don't want to get her back or have feelings for her, or anything like that.

    Now, this is actually quite a nice watch, but is it a bit of a faux pas to wear it now that we have split up? I made it clear to her after the breakup that all the gifts I gave here were just that - gifts. She can do as she likes with them. If I saw her wearing any of them I genuinely wouldn't mind - I don't believe gifts should have a time limit on them, if that makes sense.

    Since this was my first serious relationship (1.5 years-ish) I haven't been in this position before so advice would be appreciated.

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    There's nothing wrong with it, future girlfriends might not appriciate it when they find out it was from your ex though. I personally have had a tonne of jewlery from ex boyfriends and I don't wear any of it because of memories and to avoid awkwardness when people ask me where I got it from lol but just because I've never kept gifts after a relationship doesn't mean that it's wrong for everyone else
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    Thanks for the reply - that did cross my mind what future girlfriends might think.

    I am tempted to flog it on eBay and buy another one, might save a few issues coming up!
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    There is nothing wrong with it at all. Right at the beginning of my last relationship, 4 years ago, my ex gave me a watch as a gift. I attached a great deal of sentimental value to it. We broke up last year and I kept wearing it - 1) because it was a good watch and 2) although I hate to admit it, it still had sentimental value.

    Last weekend I broke said watch in an accident. The mechanism still works but the strap needs replacing. I probably won't get a new strap, in a strange way I feel "released".

    Anyway, I digress. Wearing the watch is fine.
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    (Original post by 1992LP)
    Thanks for the reply - that did cross my mind what future girlfriends might think.

    I am tempted to flog it on eBay and buy another one, might save a few issues coming up!
    I generally give away gifts from any ex/previous partners.

    Makes it less awkward for me and also future partners.


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