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Favourite milkshake?

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    Personally ... chocolate with large lump of icecream in it
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    chocolate with lots of ice cream in it, whipped cream on top and a chocolate flake
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    A couple of spoons of vanilla ice cream, some milk and a few crushed oreos. Simple, but amazing. :drool:
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    Everything on the ShakeAway menu. Literally. :u:
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    Vanilla made using vanilla ice-cream.
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    Oreo or chocolate brownie, both made with chocolate ice cream!
    I am partial to a traditional strawberry one now and again though.
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    Kinder Bueno, delicious!
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    McDonald's strawberry milkshake. :sogood::sogood::sogood:
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    Banana. Every time.
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    Oreo milkshake is just :sogood:
    And Mango milkshakes are also gorgeous!
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    Oreo is the best. KFC Oreo Krushems are incredible :love:
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    Archie's Million Dollar Milkshake (Ferror Rocher, Chocolate and Strawberry)
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    (Original post by parasitic)
    Kinder Bueno, delicious!
    Kinder Bueno milkshake :O where do you find one of those?
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    oreo is ze best

    but if you are in a good milkshake place, they should have a bakewell tart milkshake. try it, it's insanely amazing
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    Peanut M&M with extra ice cream, to make it extra thick. Or chocolate brownie. Mmmm.
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    (Original post by Soph.Jade)
    Kinder Bueno milkshake :O where do you find one of those?
    Shakeaway is where I had it first I think.

    However you can make your own one at home!

    I had some white chocolate kinder bueno left over so I put it in a blender along with vanilla ice cream and milk.- I just do it by eye and blend! It's soooo tasty <3
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    Banana and chocolate.. yum
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    Does anyone else find themselves taking forever to pick a milkshake from Shakeaway?

    I'm equally indecisive in knowing my favorite shake :emo: The Kinder Bueno one sounds amazing :eek:
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    Mint and Chocolate Milkshakes I make myself with Muller Lights are amazing


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