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Access course in health care

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    I am hoping to enrol on an Access Course in Health care and due to attend a Pre Diploma interview.

    Does anyone know what I am to expect?

    Any tips would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance
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    Hi Hi I was interviewed for an Access to Health Science (Leeds City College) about 2 months ago.

    Basically I was asked about my current occupation, why I wanted to be on the course, If I did research on the universities I wish to attend, also If said universities accept Access to HE diplomas.

    Its very important that you do know what degree you wish to pursue after an Access course.
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    tbh, there arent any criteria or hoops to jump through to get on an Access Course, although at times they make you feel like it

    they just want to see that you arent using the course as a fun way to fill your time, but that you have an achievable goal that you are heading towards (drop-outs means they dont get their funding)

    the interviews are usually very informal. i dont know of anyone who applied for Access and has been turned down, so dont worry about it

    the more research you do before starting the course, about your Uni plans for the following year, the better prepared you will be. Uni applications start from about november, so youve only just settled into the course and are having to create the personal statement that will get your foot in the door at Uni. Since you will most likely be bogged down with assignments, adding your PS in the mix can be a bit of breaking point

    other than that. have fun. i cant believe this time last year i was in the same position as you, and ive just completed my course, and am off to Uni in september. all the late nights and tears have been worth it.

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    Heya- I find out this week if I have gained a place at my local college- there were 85 applicants and 20 places. Didnt realise this until I asked as had always assumed it was a sure thing. So maybe its something to ask in the pre-access stage, dont let it frighten you, it made me want it more!!

    I went to a 'pre-access' course. 2 hours, just tutors chatting about whats on offer and for you to ask questions.

    Then went to 2 days (10-12.30ish) and the tutors talked about the subject etc, met past students, did little games. We also did a written task (read an article about the day in the life of a midfwife and had to answer questions like- what did she do in a week? what skills would she need to do that? what skills do u have?' etc- obviously may be different at yours course) On the second day we had a 5minute interview. Really informal- hiya whats your name, what do you do now, what have you done, why do you want to do this and what are you aiming for... they just want to make sure you are itching to be part of it!!

    I told them that i never thought i was good enough to gain entry at Uni and Access has given me that opportunity and Il do anything to take it!!

    Good luck!!! x


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