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What do people think of an 19 year old dating a over 30 year old woman? Possible?

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    I have always wondered. I like mature women because there are numerous reasons they are nicer and better than people my age. They don't have stereotypes, are more knowledgeable, and still look good. But anyway, I have considered 'cougar dating', but would a 30+ year old woman go out with a 19 year old? I am mature and so on but, would it even be possible, or is it a waste of my money setting up on a dating site?
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    I'm 24 and feel like a 19 year old wouldn't be able to give me everything i want in a man. But it would really depend how mature they are.
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    I'm biased because I'm in a relationship with a bigger age gap, but personally I say go for it. It's legal so why the hell not?
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    I've dated upwards to 5 years. The difference really isn't that noticeable, other than priorities in life shift slightly and you meet at slightly different milestones in life. Eg. One might be focusing on uni whilst the other is well into their career.

    The issue is only as big as you make it. Anyone that tells you otherwise is bull****ting. A lot of people claim younger/older people to be unsatisfactory in general, but they're almost always just too lazy/close minded to make a solid judgement of an individual themselves. Instead they make an assumption based on arbitary numbers.
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    Of course its possible. However, women usually go for older men, so its probably gonna be pretty difficult.
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    it's possible sure. I'm 28 and personally I'd find 19 kind of young for me to be honest, but that's not to say that there aren't plenty out there that like significantly younger guys.
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    Live and let live, I say

    You're both adults..if you're happy don't let anyone tell you anything!
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    I am in a relationship with a big age gap.. i say you can't help who you fall in love with, so go for it


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Updated: June 12, 2012
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