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Crashing Higher Physics

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    Hi, so I am currently crashing Higher Physics and I have literally no physics experience, not even in first/second year because I lived abroad.

    I've bought a standard grade book and I am wondering what I should focus my study on?

    Am quite good at Maths (well, I was until the final exam) so that's not really a problem

    Any help or advice you can give me is much appreciated,


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    The only thing you should look at at the Electrics and electronics sections. Maybe some of the stuff about kinetic energy and acceleration, newtons laws etc

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    It's useful to be good at maths but there is quite a lot of applying knowledge so don't think "I'm good at maths therefore i'm good at physics".
    But I think you'll be okay it's not the hardest if you can grasp the content.

    As has been said, only bit you really need to know if crashing is the Electronics/Electricity bit. I'd recommend you buy this book (it's expensive new, but the second hand ones are quite cheap and there's usually one on ebay, that's where I got it from!), very helpful book that'll help you catch up on the SG course bits you need : http://www.amazon.co.uk/Standard-Gra...9277635&sr=8-3

    (Original post by G8D)
    Higher physics is easy to crash. Don't need much SG stuff at all.

    Have a look at course outlines if you can and see if there's much overlap, read the SG overlap.
    There is actually 4, maybe at a push 5 units in SG that are included in the Higher course.And i wouldn't say its easy to crash, still a lot of work needed!

    (Original post by G8D)
    Not for me...
    Maybe you're an exception, count yourself lucky!

    I do better in physics than maths however I find I tend to over think things in both subjects such as a physics question about why a set up was wrong the answer was a thermistor does not measure hours of light. I however epically failed by saying the heat given off by the sun may not be enough in order to switch on the thermistor thus it could be sunny weather however these hours of sunlight will not be counted.

    My teacher laughed and said well you'll do well as an engineer with your thinking

    I think along as your interested, I've found adv higher maths more "easier" due to actually enjoying it compared to higher.

    How do you thing you've done in maths? I think I might get a B between 63-67% I take if its .5 of a percent they will round up?

    Well at least I'm not the only one that's crashing Physics this year! It does seem rather, daunting, however, I believe with hard work and perseverance I may actually be able to get a decent grade by the end of the year

    Our teacher has said the higher course is very different than the std Grade, but you just need to know the basics like some equations(Even tho they give you them) I have this great website with literately teaches you the whole course with notes and examples, Its like 400 pages so if you want the pdf pm me and i will forward you it.


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