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My boyfriends brother filmed us having sex what can i do

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    This isnot a troll before anybody says so, I am geniuanlly disgusted and horrified so I could really do with some help advice.

    Bit of background: Boyfriends 24 im 19, his brother is 27 and sevrely autistic, hes got very severe aspergous syndrome as a result is very very dependent on his parents and has the mentality of a 10 year old. However someting about him gives me the creeps, I dont know what it is but hwnever he is near me or tries to hug me or gets close to me my skin crawls and i cant wait to get away. This isnothing to do with his autism as I have a severly autistic brother myself so feel more than comfortble to deal with him and handle his disability.

    Me and the boyfriend assumed we were th eonly ones in the house this afternoon and bearing in mind we have been toghter 8 months and are in a fully adult consenting relationship with had sex, like usual I didnt nothing anything until the door suddanly flung open mid sex and his brother was there with his phone, my boyfriend told him to **** of and obviously didnt see he had his phone out. I obviously stopped we got changed but by that time his parents were downstairs, his brother staright away said 'Ive just seen those two shagging upstairs ive got avideo' that was mortifying enough. However as I was leaving tongiht I had a go at his brother I knew is houldnt have but i was disgusted, degraded and horrified at what he did, i know he is autistic but he still knows what is morally right and wrong and that is overstepping the boundries, as i had a go at him he said 'i dont care im going to put it on facebook so everybody can see you shagging my brother' I left fuming ive deleted my facebook my boyfriend said he spoke to him and he is harmless and wont do anything with it and doesnt beleuve he filmed it, but i have such a bad feeling about this guy that i do beleive he will do smoething with it and he did film it what the hell can i do
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    That's a tough situation because the guy you're dealing with is autistic, so he may not respond the way you might expect. I think it's up to your boyfriend to deal with the situation, he is the one who surely understands his brother the best and should be able to explain to him that it's really unacceptable, if your bf doesn't do anything then tell him you want him to! If you see your bf's brother before this issue goes away, I would go with the softly softly approach, I think if you shout at him he'll deliberately fight back and it'll only encourage him. Good Luck
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    I'd have given him a swift slap and taken his phone to delete anything he did manage to capture. Autistic or not, you confronted him and he still said he was gonna upload it to facebook. Having a disability doesn't excuse you from being a douche. All you can do is try to get the phone and delete the evidence now.


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Updated: June 9, 2012
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