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Advice on what to do with Ex-gf's stuff

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    My ex and I broke up almost two years ago now and she left a butt load of stuff at my flat. Clothes, kitchen utensils, books, a printer and other assorted bits and pieces. She now lives ~300miles away.

    She has made no effort to ask for her stuff and she did not respond to my attempt to contact her. The kicker is that I have been holding on to this stuff for almost 2 years now. Obviously it is a bit weird hanging on to stuff like that for this amount of time, however it has been kept in my assigned storage facility so I never have to think about it.

    I am about to move and no longer have assigned storage space, plus there is in excess of 4 large suitcases. I no longer want to look after.

    I have no interest in contacting her, whilst it did not end on a totally sour note, she was completely manipulative and only seemed happy when she was causing drama.

    In summary, my question is morally & legally do I have any requirement to contact her and return stuff to her or should I do what I think I should and donate anything of value to a local charity (one that is important to me) and dispose of the rest?

    Many thanks.
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    2 years... I doubt she cares. Do what you feel most comfortable with.
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    i would donate mate
    after this long she wont care and atleast some people will get the use out of it
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    If that stuff was important to her, she'd have come back for it by now.
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    Been 2 years and you tried to contact her about her stuff, I think you're in the clear.

    As far as you're concerned she probably just doesn't care enough to come get it.
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    How can you just abandon that much stuff? :lolwut: at least you'll donate it rather than trashing it.

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    give it to charity mate.
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    Take it all down to a local charity shop, I am sure they would be glad to have it.

    If it was anything important she would have come back for it, and if there is any backlash, well, she had 2 years. Not your problem any more
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    Sell the stuff and make some cash .


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Updated: June 10, 2012
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