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Should I be looking for dates?

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    I'm 27 and after having a string of bad luck with men I decided to take a break from dating for a few months, however one of my friends is pestering me to date and says she's worried about me not dating and thinks I've given up, saying I'm only young and only got one life etc. The thing is I actually can't be bothered dating at the moment, I find online dating (really my only option as I don't get to go to bars much anymore as most of my mates have kids) very soul-destroying process and I haven't really got the energy for it right now. However at the same time I cant help but think I should be out looking as I'm less experienced than most people my age and I do't really get the chance to go out and meet men anymore.
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    Just do whatever you feel comfortable with and don't let other people pressure you into it. If you want some time off dating then I don't see it as a problem. If you haven't found anyone you like and you don't fancy dating someone just for the sake of it then its understandable, I'm in a similar position myself. Most people who are worth your time won't be bothered about you being less experienced and if you date people without your heart being in it you may well just end up feeling worse. The right person might come along anyway when you aren't looking.


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