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B1 and C1 UMS mess up - will it be corrected?

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    Hello everyone, first post here!

    I go to a pretty decent grammar school and I did B1 and C1 in January and, as everyone else who did this exam knows, the UMS seemed to be horribly unfair. I was reading another topic about it on here and someone mentioned only 2% got A* when it's usually 13%

    I was wondering whether this has been changed for the retakes in June which I'm about to do. Surely AQA can't keep it at such an unfair level to get A* as this would mean someone who did it last year, getting something like 48/60 would get an A*, whereas us lot doing it this year getting 52/60 only getting A's?

    (Numbers are only for arguments sake)

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    Well you could also argue the schools who choose the easiest exam board for science are giving their pupils an unfair advantage. Even though I think it is a bit harsh for AQA to make the questions harder and increase the grade boundaries I doubt they will change it.
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    Exam board may have messed up, but if they had they probably would have announced it by now.
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    (Original post by dragonkeeper999)
    Exam board may have messed up, but if they had they probably would have announced it by now.
    My teacher said something about loads of schools complaining about it and apparently AQA have said they are going to correct it?

    Anyone know if this is true?


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Updated: June 12, 2012
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