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This was too beautiful not to share with you all

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    Ladies and gentlemen, I present: what happens when you give a 13 year old child the power of Youtube.
    Oh lord.

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    Produced by David Guetta
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    It had me in tears :')
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    Stopped it after 19 seconds. I'd heard enough. :/
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    It's *cries and wipes tear* ... beautiful!
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    (Original post by AnyoneOutThere)
    Stopped it after 19 seconds. I'd heard enough. :/
    I made it to 45!
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    This is waaaaay better than Friday by Rebecca Black!
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    Can't tell if Max Harris, Rebbeca Black or this is worse?
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    Oh my f****** god.


    I'm dying here! hahahahhhaa, the little dance moves he does!!
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    This one's between funny and cute! <3
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    WHAT THE HELL???????

    This was posted from The Student Room's iPhone/iPad App
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    Makes Rebecca Black sound like Christina Aguilera or Leona Lewis in comparison.
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    This is what happens when as a culture we instil within people the idea that they are unique and special and have an amazing hidden talent waiting to be discovered.
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    (Original post by Kiss)

    Can't tell if Max Harris, Rebbeca Black or this is worse?
    Oh God, I think that's the worst.
    I think I need a lie down after watching that...
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    Wow. I strongly believe this song to be the pinnacle of man musical achievement.
    All my life I have been listening to the works of Mozart, Bach, Wagner but I am now throwing these opuses in the bin, for I have now discovered musical genius of an unheard level! Even within the first 15 seconds before his incredible Marvin Gaye -esque vocals kicked in, I knew I was listening to the truest and sincerest expression of love and passion I have ever heard; I'm simply blown away.

    One word: Totally Faultless.
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    This kid is flaming.
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    My body

    is beyond ready.


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Updated: June 12, 2012
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