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Food that tastes better than it looks

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    Spare ribs.
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    Mac and cheese can look a bit nasty, but it's lush.
    My friend's mum up in Aberdeen used to make these things out of potatoes called cow pats (which look as bad as the name suggests) but I dunno if that's just a Scottish thing?
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    (Original post by cardine92)
    Cabbage, bacon (not rubbish little slices, a slab of bacon) and gravy. Proper Irish peasant food but it's awesome.
    Since when was bacon peasant food? It used to be the case where only the rich could afford it, or when poor people had a celebration.
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    (Original post by JoeBiden)
    Spare ribs.
    In some cases they can look better than they taste
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    Rice pudding, especially with raisins in.

    Also mashed carrots and swede - looks like baby food but tastes so good.
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    Bone marrow
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    yeah, nice pic.

    also how about gals taste better then they look?

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    Frankfurters, the ones in the vaccum packets for hotdogs. They look terrible, but god damn they're good. Like takeaway cheeseburgers. So damn good

    Seafood, especially the ones that come with their heads on. It's watching me, but who cares, I'm eating you anyway.
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    Corned beef hash, balut and chicken feet.


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Updated: July 10, 2012
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