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my ex acting as if I'm being an idiot?

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    My ex and I were together for years and then she decided she didn't love me anymore and cut me off completely, ignoring me.

    So in an attempt to cut her out of my life and ease the pain I blocked her on facebook and unfollowed her twitter (didn't like seeing what she'd become and it was just a constant reminder...) and then I saw she did the same to me but upoin checking she'd wrote indirect messages like "Some people are so immature in the way they handle things" and it's like, you cut me off, you were rude to me, you broke my heart and now you're making comments because I don't want to go on the laptop and see you bragging about how good life is?

    Is it just me or is that ridiculous? Or is the possibility not crossed her mind she's probably thinking I'm just being spiteful...
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    Shes messing with you, they are plainly attention seeking comments. Dont let her get to you, move on with your life
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    (Original post by xXHolly_90Xx)
    Shes messing with you, they are plainly attention seeking comments. Dont let her get to you, move on with your life
    But if she didn't care she'd just unfollow me back. Do you tihnk it's because I have made a clear intention not to be bothered and now she won't get to brag because I won't see it?
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    She's clearly not worth spending a moment's thought on. Move on and focus your attentions on someone who is.
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    if i was in her situation, the first thing i would think is that i angered or or hurt someone. It might cross my mind that it was done out of spite, but i would certainly consider than you needed to cut her out of your life for a while just to move on.
    but i wouldn't be so immature, self-centered and attention-seeking to publicly complain about it- i personally would contact the person and ask them about it.

    if she's bitching about you, either confront her about it - whether you do it publicly or privately is your own choice, or just ignore her.
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    I'm going through this exact same thing ATM but I've managed to find myself someone much better. Give her time and she'll stop being immature about it.

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    I think she is just messing with you! Ignore her or pretend to and she will get twice as mad. Trust me!! No need to confront her it's just old fashion .

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Updated: June 10, 2012
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