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Should I buy an iPod docking station for UNI?

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    I will not be having a TV so I want to know weather it will be worth having a docking station for my room. Don't know if I want to spent £100-£200 on one though as I want on that can link to my laptop too.
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    Definitely get one man.
    When you're studying, it's going to come in handy, trust me.
    Plus, if you're not going out because you stupidly decided to put off an essay over and over again (or is that just me?), but your housemates are going out, it will help block out their noise.
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    I was wondering this too im gunna have a look around and see how much they are! then again my ipods rubbish and pretty much broke so id have to invest in a new one of those aswel
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    Just get a pair of 2.1 speakers. £15-40. iPod docks are stupid.
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    you don't have to spend £100-200 on one, you can get them as cheap as £15 or so, if you want it to sound decent maybe spend £40-60. but i don't see why you would want an expensive sound system as you're not going to get to play your music too loudly unless you want to annoy everyone in your halls!
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    I was going to, until I realised that my radio has a 'audio in' plug. So, I just bought a double ended male 3.5mm jack for about £2, and plugged it into the radio and my iPod. It works perfectly.
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    I got mine for £20 and it's portable as well. 4 AA batteries but I already had rechargeable ones and a battery charger for my camera anyway (another £15 if you had to buy one) and the sound quality is fine, it also gets radio and we love to take it outside when we're chilling in the sun (although we hide it in the shade of everyone's bags because it's black and we don't want it to overheat, and one time when it was the quiet period we had to run to turn it off before we got told off for being too loud too close to the residences).
    I would definitely say get one, you can listen to music without having to have your earphones in and drown everything out (if you're waiting on a visitor or a phone call for example) but you also don't have to have your computer on to play it (can be distracting). But I would say not to go too expensive. If you want fantastic sound then plug some speakers into your laptop, if you want ease and fairly good sound, get a cheap docking station.
    Just my personal experience.


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Updated: June 13, 2012
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