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My love interest lives with his ex.. and will be doing next year!

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    There's a guy I've recently got involved with. We text a bit, and nights out we've gotten together, usual stuff really. We see each other a fair bit at a society, he's said he's attracted to me and he seems genuinely interested in me - however, there's just one problem; his ex.

    He broke up with his ex about a month ago now - and yes, I am being careful (regarding the rebound thing - he's wanted to split up with her for ages, so the love went a long time ago according to mutual friends). However, they live together now, and will be doing again next year (the contract is signed). It'll be awkward for them anyway, nevermind new relationships being formed and I'm being very wary about it. I don't really want a relationship if it's going to be surrounded in awkwardness and avoidance, but I do really like the guy - so I'm a bit torn on whether to pursue this or not. I'm probably jumping the gun a bit regarding the relationship thing, but at the same time I guess I'd want to know before I fall too head over heels for him, if this is the right thing to do. I guess it'd be awkward for any new relationship he wanted to pursue, never mind me.

    Any advice would be appreciated. From my perspective, I'm totally baffled as to why he'd let himself live with someone he only was going out with since the beginning of freshers,.. but hey, these things happen.
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    That's really strange, I personally would leave it and not get involved because I wouldn't be able to get over the fact that he lives with an ex. Not only do you have to trust him but you also have to trust the ex to not be all over him to get him back.. But you know their personalities and what you can cope with.
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    If you aren't already in too deep, I would leave before you get further attached. It sounds like a risky situation and you could end up hurting badly in the long run -xo


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Updated: June 10, 2012
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