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4 Seasons Pt. 2

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    So by now I've established that these 4 parts (seasons) are 4 different chapters of the story...

    I let my pen do most of the work, I'm just recalling memories,
    I remember back in September, such a fine breeze,
    Just touched up on the scene,
    Fresh out of high school, out to get the cream,
    Keeping in mind, even BIG said it was all a dream,
    But don't worry, time soon hurried,
    So much that it left most my homies buried,
    The rest scurried, leaving me and a friend,
    We were close, but not through to the end,
    I was low on credit, he had money to lend,
    I then, with the money I had,
    Splitted it up in several bags,
    Out to make a deal with a person in a high place,
    On arrival, his description was a man with a mask over his face,
    Items were exchanged,
    What I received left me confused and deranged,
    I called up the masked man about why we were conned,
    Words were said and soon enough it was on,
    I called up Lebron, that was my homies name,
    Playing it lowkey, out to earn our stripes in this game,
    Soon enough we were on our way,
    Packed with 2 macs, all black ready to spray,
    Arrived at the location with our artillery,
    Only to find I was set up by my homie that was next to me...

    This is what I was pacing to, when the beat drops
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    Let me know what you think please
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Updated: June 11, 2012
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