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What's your schools GCSE 5A*-C percentage (including English and Maths)

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    100% for the past 2 years

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    54% or 58% - can't remember which but I remember it was also the highest results the local authority had produced in the last 5 years :/
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    100% But we're all asexual
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    89% - so it's not that bad
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    (Original post by dendodge)

    Wow... I thought my school was bad...
    I wish mine wasn't that bad.
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    69% - which is quite good for a state comprehensive.
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    70% and 92%,without English and Maths.
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    99% or 100% every year (there's sometimes one stoner, you see).
    Though ofc most of the >90s are selective, so it's obvious that they'd have higher GCSE results
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    90% including maths and english it was 71% last year. I can see us being the first year to drag the results down :/ that'd be awkward
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    90% something I believe!
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    (Original post by Whangdoodle)

    The idea that some schools have 100% blows my mind but I guess that's because I've not known anything else.
    It blows my mind even when my school is at around 75%, but it seems to be the majority of schools which are 100% are private schools
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    I think it's something like 99% - there's always one...
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    100% every year. We're a selective state grammar school. So not a private school - parents would never have been able to have afforded for me to go to a private school!
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    65% according to google... can't believe some are 100% there must be a lot of private schoolers here.
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    81% it used to be 22% like 10 years ago. we are always said to be worst in the borough but the new head teacher has improved the school dramatically. our year are expected to top this percentage.

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    A whooping 35%

    I think only two people in my entire year got an A in maths
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    68% last year
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    (Original post by Rtcw)
    I've checked it at Telegraph, apparently, I was wrong. GCSE 5*-C is 8%, and it is same for EBacc score, 8%.

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    77%, 85% excluding Maths and English.

    According to the Telegraph league tables that's apparently above average in both the LEA and England for both, although it's only 0.1% higher than the LEA average excluding Maths and English.


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